Doctor Ballroom

Our improv show is 78% more silly than our domain name.

Doctor Ballroom - Improv Comedy


  • Paul Dome
  • Patrick French
  • Taylor Newhall
  • Rachel Rosenthal
  • Dave Sawyer

Doctor Ballroom Cast

Doctor Ballroom is an improvised show about finding connections. This cast of seasoned improvisers explores the unexpectedly brilliant (and hilarious) connections that exist in real life. All with surgical precision.

Cast entirely of ImprovBoston Mainstage alumni living in New York City and Boston, these performers create a show that is a dissection of ideas and relationships in an attempt to find the hidden connections, similarities, and parallels. Doctor Ballroom is an improv show that proves when ideas collide, comedic brilliance is created. It's so advanced, you just might need a medical degree to experience it.

The cast of Doctor Ballroom have performed together at ImprovBoston, The Castlebar Cagematch, The PIT in NYC, and at national festivals including:

  • North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival (2011)
  • Boston Improv Festival (2010)
  • San Francisco Improv Festival (2008)
  • Santa Cruz Improv Festival (2008)
  • Providence Improv Festival (2008-09)
  • Chicago Improv Festival (2008)

Doctor Ballroom Cast